Almacenes Temporales Logística


In logistics operations, storage has many facets: receiving and sending shipments, controlling the flow of inventory and managing expectations of promise dates. These are just some of the essential needs that storage meets.

At the end of the day, storage is about optimizing the space or the number of square meters that are available to perform all the tasks listed above.

Wrong management of the space can cause all kinds of interruptions and setbacks of flow that are even more expensive, so it is important to consider the scalability of the space during the different seasons of the year.

Temporary warehouses offer different solutions:

We invite you to know the temporary logistics warehouses of Edificaciones Dinámicas. Ask about a light aluminum construction! It will surprise you.

Almacenes Temporales Logística


The experience we have accumulated allows us to offer a comprehensive advice to design and install the ideal solution to your needs.

Requirements are particularly high in the agricultural industry, either as an isolated warehouse or a structure that is part of a larger farm. The warehouse must be economical and preserve its value; be robust, stable, extensible, well designed and versatile.

The agricultural structures of Edificaciones Dinámicas are made of the highest quality materials, ensuring that farmers obtain a durable and reliable structure, which allows them to thrive and grow.

The translucent roof cover creates pleasant lighting conditions and excellent indoor climate while, at the same time, does not require maintenance and does not wear out. In the interior we do not use columns, struts or poles, so you can use the space as you wish.

At the end you will receive an aluminum or steel structure with tarps of high resistance and duration, expandable according to your needs; we advise you on everything necessary to maintain a fully functional agricultural warehouse for many years.

Almacenes Temporales Agricultura
Almacenes Temporales Automotriz


If you make auto parts and are planning a next expansion of your current facilities, you need an immediate solution that allows you to increase manufacturing capabilities; a temporary structure is the ideal solution, since it allows to efficiently move raw materials or finished products and without high transfer costs.

Our expert advisors are available to work with you in designing the ideal solution for your needs; in addition, our temporary warehouses can be installed with an initial size and expand later if you need additional space since they are completely modular.

With our solutions, short and long-term objectives can be addressed at the same time without the need to sacrifice one over the other.

Almacenes Temporales Automotriz


Your ideal solution for temporary hangars.

A relocatable and portable canvas structure from Edificaciones Dinámicas provides the ideal solution for temporary terminal warehouses and shelters for seaports, aviation and railways.

The breadth of clearings that can be achieved with our structures adapts to a wide variety of uses, including:


The modular design and the fast installation times make these structures the perfect option to cover aircraft that need repair, especially in places where space is limited.

Almacenes Temporales Aviación
Almacenes Temporales Carpas Industriales


When you need temporary coverage for storage or manufacturing, trust in Edificaciones Dinámicas and we will provide you with industrial tents for your next project.

At Edificaciones Dinámicas we are in compliance with the European Security Standards to give you peace of mind and ensure that they will fulfill their role in different types of weather; you will even have the durability of a traditional building with a quick installation.

These semi-permanent or temporary storage structures can be installed in all types of weather since there is no need for a concrete base. The translucent fabric ceiling allows natural light to uniformly fill the space creating a friendly work environment. They are ideal for:

Almacenes Temporales Carpas Industriales